I have been involved with search engine marketing, search engine optimization, web site monetization and that other nebulous thing called the “internet” since 1993, which is just about the beginning of it all.

I’m currently the CEO (and founder) of Simplur, a social network and marketing platform to help nonprofits and socially conscious small businesses.

Prior to that, I ran a small online marketing agency focusing on PPC, SEO, and social media marketing. That was sold in 2012.

For Microsoft, I was part of a small team that managed $76 million in ad spend to promote Bing and MSN. At MapQuest, I was responsible for an Adsense account revenue line of about $70 million. These two “corporate” experiences gave me a much deeper sense of how big-time marketing and traffic works.

More generally, I consider myself an idea guy. I run multiple entrepreneurial ventures in the software and online marketing fields, always promoting something that is extremely unique in its approach. You could say that if it’s bread and butter or cookie cutter, I’m not interested. Unless of course it’s literally bread, butter, and cookies. Then I’m all in.

I live in the Mayfair neighborhood of Denver with my daughters and girlfriend, and we’re loving the way the city is growing – especially with the startup scene.

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