09/09/09 – Doing it to the Nines…Again

It was 10 years ago yesterday that I incorporated one of my most successful businesses, Stilman Adanced Strategies.  Unfortunately, it didn’t end up going so well for me, but the other founders and employees are enjoying some of the fruits of my labors there, and I’m glad for them…mostly! 🙂  That includes contracts that should be paying them somewhere in the range $1-5 million per year.

I’ve always remembered 9/9/99 fondly, and so I made sure to incorporate my next great success, Rebound Dating, on the same day, 10 years later.  There seems to be something right with me about doing something “to the nines”.

Odd how much my focus has changed in ten years.  I’ve gone from a sophisticated artificial intelligence software package to trying to help recent divorcees (like myself) try to get through the muck of the process with some semblance of a life to look forward to.  I’m thinking this new venture will probably impact many more lives positively, and I can’t wait for the funding to come rolling in to make it happen!